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See the future: Google glasses domestic first evaluation

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Google Glass, which debuted to the public at the 2012 Google I/O conference, also accepted a developer registration application for its first use. At that time, Cao Ming, vice president of the 3G portal GO desktop in the United States, and many people joined in the conference to apply for


More than nine months later, the first Google Glass Explorer Edition (hereinafter referred to as "Google Glasses") was launched, with a global limit of 2,000. Cao Ming, whose registration number is 528, received an invitation to drive more than 400 kilometers to the Google office on April 19 to

 get Google Glasses.

According to Cao Ming, he and another colleague, as well as colleagues of other well-known Internet companies in China, submitted applications at that time, but the domestic counterparts in front of him did not receive the first batch of invitations to register their serial numbers. The reason is

 that he feels there are two aspects:

1. The Google Glass team has sent e-mails to registrants in the past few months in the hope of getting a response to what they think Google Glass should be like in the future and what the development team can do about it. Cao Ming responded positively to mail.

2. Cao Ming's 3G portal GO DEV team is a well-known Android application development team. The number of Android applications worldwide is very large. Last year, it accelerated the pace of globalization. The U.S. office in Silicon Valley is close to Google.Related reading: how do Google glasses work?